Quick 5 Minute Shoe Tying Kit

One, Two, Tie My Shoe is a simple and fun way in teaching kids how to tie a shoe and enhance their self confidence.

The special rings the children use help accelerate the learning process of shoe tying by allowing them to accomplish the most challenging shoe tying task, the bunny ears. With the special rings being easy to use with little fingers, any child will be able to tie their shoe within five minutes.

Many parents, teachers and daycare providers who purchased the shoe tying kit witnessed their children and students shoe tying for the first time within five minutes. To read their success stories, click our Testimonials section.

For only $8.99, your shoe tying kit will include:

  • Instructions on shoe tying
  • Illustrations on how to tie shoes
  • 12 “Special Rings” to tie the shoes
  • And a “Look, I Can Tie My Own Shoes!” success sticker

With such a low cost backed by proven success stories, One, Two, Tie My Shoes quick five minute shoe tying kit is the best choice in helping all children how to tie shoes.

Shoe tying is a major milestone for children and parents. And it is our hope to make that milestone memorable for both.

Purchase your shoe tying kit now!